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Your Authentic Tuscan experience Off The Beaten Path

Gianni & Marusca

Why choose Country House Tuscany

Our apartments and services have been designed to guarantee a unique experience for all our guests, based on the following fundamental principles:

  • authenticity, all our apartments are part of authentic peasant houses to ensure a comfortable holiday in a rustic and original setting;

  • peace and tranquility, all our apartments are surrounded by nature, where you can relax and regenerate in total tranquility away from the chaos and daily routine;

  • love and sharing, from the passion we cultivate for our land we love to make our guests live an authentic Tuscan experience by sharing with them all the secrets of the area.

  • All the advantages of choosing a relaxing and authentic holiday Off The Beaten Path


    Unlike other Country House in Tuscany who offer apartments for all categories of travelers, the specialization of Country House Tuscany  allows you to have:

    • the guarantee of a unique stay already experienced by over  3000 guests in 10 years of experience and with a satisfaction rate of over 95%;

    • the security of staying in authentic apartments, in unique places far from the beaten path to guarantee peace and relaxation among the most beautiful Tuscan destinations.

    • a guide with unique routes to discover small villages and local traditions;

    • a personalized check-in ready to provide you with all the information you need to ensure you have a memorable stay;

    • a continuous and immediate assistance service to provide you with all the necessary support during your stay.

    • a dedicated app with all the information about your stay;

    Marusca Super Host Airbnb

    Thanks to "Country House Tuscany" you will no longer have to:

    • waste time organizing your holiday, as you will receive from us all the information and suggestions you need for a unique, authentic and relaxing holiday;

    • worry about city noises and stress, as you will stay in quiet places, surrounded by nature and the sun, suitable for a regenerating holiday;

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