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Fattoria La Vialla, near our country houses, is a family-run farm in the Chianti area of ​​1600 hectares and owned by the Lo Franco family since 1978. It is located in a beautiful area and is managed by the three Lo Franco brothers: Gianni, Antonio, Bandino. Part of the farm is planted with vineyards, olive groves, meadows and arable land and and produces wine, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese, appetizers, sauces, pasta , vinegar, honey, biscuits and other sweet delicacies - directly from the vineyard to the bottle, from the garden to the jar. The rest is made up of forests. Everything here is done in an organic and biodynamic way. You will be welcomed by the usual kindness of the Vialla staff.

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The La Vialla Farm today is made up of about thirty farmhouses that were once abandoned. The restoration and conservation of the ancient farmhouses, which lasted more than 40 years and is still in progress, has preserved the original features and antique furnishings. In the summer season, from April to October, they can be booked for a holiday in the countryside, immersed in nature in a remote corner of Chianti. In the farm they prepare "snacks" (= snacks) and - 2-3 times a week - lunches and dinners - Trattoria   with a fixed menu, taking advantage of what the season offers from the garden, the cellar and the cooking workshops. The houses can be reached by car via the country lanes that cross the protected area of ​​the farm.


We recommend that you also visit the Museum of the Country House at Fattoria della Vialla, Podere Uliveto,

Via di Meliciano, 26 Arezzo (Arezzo).

Telephone: 0575 364790

Fax: 0039 0575 364623


Accessibility: Open in pre-booked times: views on request to the Vialla farm;

Tel: 0575 364790, email: Price: Ticket €5.00, discount for schools.

History and purpose of the museum: The collection on display in the restaging of Vialla Farm comes to the museum The museum documents the disappearance of popular culture from the area and reconstructs the domestic life of Casentino peasants. The exhibits document the environmental, economic, social and cultural context in which they were created and demonstrate the ingenuity and creativity of people in adapting to their environment. Exhibition on the history of the building: the museum is housed in the Fattoria Vialla complex, Podere Uliveto, in a stone house over 200 years old.


The rooms are accurate reconstructions of daily life at that time.

  • Exhibition area (m²): 200 m²

  • Number of rooms: 7 Number of exhibits: 2000

  • Type of items: tools, gadgets, clothes, documents and furniture.

  • History of the Collections: The objects in the museum are from Mr. Del Pascua.

For 40 years he has been collecting them in the areas at the foot of Pratomagno and Subbiano in the province of Arezzo.


Online Shop the products of Fattoria la Vialla In the shop of the Fattoria La Vialla you will find Tuscan cuisine and groceries:

  • Wine, olives and olive oil, dried Tomatoes, pasta, sauces,

  • La Vialla pecorino cheese,

  • Salami and cantuccini - ideal for dipping in Vin Santo, a traditional Italian dessert wine.

Where can I find the Fattoria la Vialla catalog 2023? The products are also sold in the online shop. click here

The products of Fattoria La Vialla are authentic Tuscan delicacies. They are made by Vialla with ingredients that they grow and produce using certified organic and biodynamic methods. The natural biodiversity of the Vialla land - between lowlands and hills (from 250 to 650 m) consisting of vineyards, olive groves, vegetable fields, arable land, pastures, forests and areas where animals are raised - is reflected in the production of the expanse Selection of typical Tuscan gastronomic specialties.


There is something for every taste, a complete range of Tuscan specialties made by Fattoria La Vialla - from the field to the glass to the bow tied to each basket - using guaranteed organic and biodynamic methods. Gift ideas with combinations of wine - red, white, dry, sweet, sparkling - with appetizers, pasta, sauces, extra virgin olive oil, cold cuts, pecorino cheese, buiscits and other local specialties. All gift boxes are prepared "fresh" week after week. Packaging and shipping are certified CO2 neutral.


Le Ricette di Giuliana".- Recipes by Giuliana Le Ricette di Giuliana is a book that contains all the recipes of Tuscan cuisine.


Fattoria La Vialla -

Via Di Meliciano, 26 -

52100 - Arezzo Tuscany -

Tel: +39 0575/477811 or +39 3316108627 -




Fattoria La Vialla

Via di Meliciano, 26, 52029 Castiglion Fibocchi AR

Tel. +39 0575 477720

Open for visit and lunch at the farm (booking requested) from April to October:

Opening      10AM–6PM

Closed: Saturday  Sunday  

To get to know a farm entirely made in Italy and inspired, in all its departments, from production to sale, to sustainable development, you need to go to Fattoria La Vialla in Castiglion Fibocchi, on the hills of Arezzo. Here is the heart of the largest area (1,400 hectares in total) with biodynamic crops in Europe.

The story of this intersection between technology, innovation and respect for history and tradition, all in the spirit of Don't waste, began in 1978 when Pino and Giuliana Lo Franco aimed at the recovery of several abandoned hectares on the hills of Arezzo. Land with excellent results for agriculture, but absolutely wasted.


The bet of the Lo Francos is at the limit of the visionary. Right from the start, the couple went beyond the canons of traditional agriculture and focused first on organic farming, which at the time hardly existed in Italy, and then on biodynamic farming. And now that Vialla is in the hands of the new generation, with Bandino, Antonio and Gianni Lo Franco, its borders are extended, towards the Oltrepò Pavese, the Maremma, the Marches and Sicily. And the headquarters remain on the hills of Arezzo.

The entire corporate philosophy of Vialla is inspired by the idea of ​​opposing any form of waste. Sales are locally sourced, there are no agents and you don't go through large-scale distribution. Everyone can buy on site, or directly on the Internet. Wine, oil, cheese, honey and vinegar. But also jams, bread, sweets and pasta. The recipes are all traditional with methods that promise the preservation of natural flavours.

Within all La Vialla agricultural properties there are certain rules that evoke sustainability in the countryside. No cars, just small electric vehicles, similar to golf cars, for getting around the grounds. The crops are all extensive, alternated and rotated periodically so as not to stress the land. Animal manure, like the scraps from processing in the laboratories, are reintroduced into the biological cycle, as a natural fertilizer to lower the carbon footprint and make the company CO2 neutral.

Finally, rainwater is recovered for irrigation with a natural purification system. La Vialla is a small world, with high quality agriculture, and a clear and strong goal: zero environmental impact.

Fattoria La Vialla – Winner of IWSC 2023 Sweet/Fortified Wine Producer Trophy

Fattoria La Vialla from Tuscany awarded 2023 Sweet/Fortified Wine Producer Trophy.

In 2023, this family-run, independent and almost self-sufficient farm celebrated its 45th anniversary by scooping up a number of awards and trophies, including 21 medals at the recent IWSC Judging. Getting this far feels like a significant achievement, shares the team at La Vialla, given “the humble beginnings when most people thought the idea of running a wine estate in a comprehensive biodynamic spirit was crazy. We are very happy that our commitment has been rewarded”

“They are an outstanding winery across the board,” said the judges. “They put so much thought into winemaking and viticulture, and their approach is truly holistic. We felt that this was the most romantic application we had received, yet there are a lot of tangible things there.”

Source: Wine news
Thu 19 Oct 2023

By Mila Gorchakova

La Vialla, the largest farm in Europe with biodynamic crops

A model of sustainable agriculture. From the hills of Arezzo the project extended throughout Italy. From production to zero kilometer sales: everything is inspired by sustainability

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