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Caprese Michelangelo


Caprese Michelangelo

(42 Km - 1 h) Caprese Michelangelo is the birthplace of the renowned Renaissance artist Michelangelo. It's is also nice to visit the 13th century church of St. John the Baptist. Very nice this village

Caprese Michelangelo is placed on the Apennine ridge, in the greenest of the Tiber Valley Tuscany.

The territory, which reaches an altitude of 1,415 meters nell'Alpe of Catenary (M. Castle), is crossed by numerous rivers flowing into the creek Singerna, who joins the Tiber in the lake Montedoglio. Extensive forests of beech, chestnut and oak trees make up still unspoilt scenery and make the air particularly healthy.
The chestnut has always been called "the bread tree", it occupies a prominent place in the history and civilization of Caprese. Chestnuts and mushrooms, along with truffles, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, are the genuine fruits of this land, vital to its economy.

The territory capresano, a strong tourist vocation, offering its guests quality services, among which we highlight those receptive and recreational facilities. History, art and environment are melted in the reality of Caprese. From this come to life key events: art meetings, courses on the fresco, exhibitions and conferences, concerts, folklore, Chestnut Festival, recreational activities and sports, trekking through forests and ancient sites.

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