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Borro - Tuscany

(8Km 12min) Il Borro, a medieval Tuscan village built hundreds of years ago, where every architectural detail was meticulously planned, has been restored to the likes of a renaissance painting. At "Il Borro" You can book a relaxing day at the local SPA.


Along the road from San Giustino Valdarno Laterina, surrounded by a green and well-kept farm setting, is Il Borro, small and ancient architectural jewel of the Middle Ages (it is already mentioned in a document from 1039).
It is easy to understand the etymology of its name. Borro is the term used to define a ditch or creek with millennia have carved a deep bed. Borro is also to gully. Both of these definitions are perfectly suited to Il Borro: our small Tuscan village is place it on a rocky outcrop seeds surrounded by a deep ditch dug in the millennia from the stream.
Visit Il Borro is to immerse yourself in a place out of time. First of all the cars they remain distant and already this from that feeling of being "out of touch". A small town that does not know the track, only paved roads. The old bridge that allows us to cross "the gully" and let us enter the country places us in the only narrow access road to the site. To the left of this old buildings, to the right the deep gully. But it is not easy to explain in words the design, the colors, the narrow streets of this place that seems straight out of a fairy tale, very well we should be able images accompanied by captions.
The Borro owes its fame to various aspects. First of all to its architecture and the shape of the area where the village is located. Then the important families who belonged in its history and belongs. To quote the last two: the Savoy (the site was home to the Duke Amedeo d'Aosta) and, since 1993, the Ferragamo family, well-known entrepreneurs of high fashion. Il Borro, since it has become property Ferragamo family, has been the subject of a profound, but "invisible" restoration. E 'became home to various events. This has resulted in increasing the number of visitors to this fairytale village.
There is also a figure inseparable from Il Borro: Don Pasquale Mencattini, now deceased, but for many years pastor of this place. Person with great talent, imagination and passion for mechanical technique, project and created a beautiful crib for Il Borro mechanized, now visible on request. Always open to the public are two funds where you can see other works of Don Pasquale: animated scenes reminiscent of the story of Pinocchio, and the representation, always animated, the ancient crafts. Over the years there have been many thousands of people arrived at Borro to admire these works from the imagination, technique and patience of Don Pasquale, and love towards the place where he was pastor.


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