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San Marino


San Marino

(130Km 2h 20 min) Republic of San Marino.The historic center of the City was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as a "testimony to the continuity of a free republic since the Middle Ages."

San Marino: 5 Sights

1. Museum of Torture
As a first step we decided to visit the Museum of Torture that, from what he says the poster, is reputed to be one of the most disturbing in the world. The museum runs on you floors interconnected by a spiral staircase, and shows visitors the different methods of torture, some of which are quite chilling.

2. Guaita, Cesta and Montale
The cost of the reduced ticket (for students and children) is 6 euro per person, while the whole is 8.50 euro. But when it was noon we stopped to eat at "The Cat", small room with two rooms, as rustic, which we appreciated the caissons and tortillas.

After lunch it was the turn of the two towers. A San Marino are three towers, rispettivamenteGuaita, Cesta and Montale. We decide to visit the first two with the combined ticket for 4.50 euro. Guaita is truly spectacular, offering a breathtaking landscape of the valley below. It is the oldest of the three towers (XI century), and until 1975 was used as a prison. Cesta instead is newer construction, actually dates back to the twelfth century and was built in the second set of walls in the sixteenth century. Smaller than before the picture is decidedly less, then hosts inside the Museum of Ancient Arms, with objects dating from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century.

3. The State Museum
In Titano square, at Palazzo Pergami Belluzzi, the State Museum houses exhibits related to the history of San Marino and pieces donated to the Republic, including some Egyptian statues. The museum is free, and occasionally hosts exhibitions of various kinds with separate ticket.

4. The Public Palace
The Public Palace, also known as Government House, stands on Liberty Square. In the palace official ceremonies are held and located are major administrative bodies and institutions. You can see the changing of the look of the half-hour every hour.

5. The Statue of Liberty
In the same square stands also the so-called Statue of Liberty (which obviously is not the one in New York), donated by Countess Otilia Heyroth Wagener in 1876. Summing San Marino is really a gem on the mountain, and it 's worth a day. I have proposed five things to see, but if you want you can add the Wax Museum and the art gallery San Francesco I, by personal choice, I deleted from the list.

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