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(30 km - 45 min). Anghiari is a medieval village. It is famous for the Battle of Anghiari between Florence and Milan which took place there on 29 June 1440. It's perfect for a little tour! Anghiari is located about 30 km from Arezzo, near the border between Tuscany and 'Umbria, in the so-called Tuscan Tiber Valley.


Anghiari is a small medieval jewel set on a hill of gravel accumulated over the centuries for the passage of the river Tiber, which until the middle of 1200 ran at the foot of the city. Because of its strategic location Anghiari played a very important role in the Middle Ages.

In the plain just below the village in 1440 took place the famous Battle of Anghiari, in which the Florentine troops defeated those of Milan, allowing Florence to take the city government. The famous fresco of the Battle of Anghiari of Leonardo da Vinci, went unfortunately lost, was commissioned to honor their victory this. Anghiari, with its quaint village protected by imposing thirteenth century walls, preserves the 'atmosphere and the charm of the small medieval town.

Walking through the narrow streets of the town exudes an almost 'air' s past and the frenetic pace at which we are used to appear after a while almost a distant memory. The stone houses, overlooking the narrow streets of the city, have small windows, shutters and doors, sometimes a little 'battered, but absolutely characteristics. The inputs and the sills of the houses are often embellished with flowers and plants, which contribute to heat and color the streets of Anghiari, making them even more charming.

The town of Anghiari is considered one of the "most beautiful villages 'Italy' and got the orange flag from the Italian Touring Club. It 'a "medieval treasure trove between the Tiber and Arno" (as stated in the website of the' office of tourism of the city), and if you are planning to visit Arezzo and this part of Tuscany, you should definitely enter Anghiari between the stages of your itinerary.

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