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Abbey of Sant'Antimo


Sant'Antimo Abbey

(100 Km 1h15 min) The foundation of the original Benedictine monastery dates to the time of Charlemagne. We suggest to visit it during a trip in Val d'Orcia..


We suggest to visit it during a trip in Val d'Orcia. In the Abbey of Sant'Antimo ( Montalcino - Siena ) resides a community of Canons Regular of Prémontré , also called White Canons , as recalled by their dress completely white , or Norbertini named after their founder Saint Norbert . On December 25, 1121, Norberto and his followers settled in Prémontré in northern France . The Latin name of this place , Premonstratum , hence the name of the Premonstratensians , who lead a common life according to the model proposed by the Apostles and the rule of St. Augustine . Sant'Antimo is a photographer's paradise , where nature , architecture and people intertwine and merge . We want to give you the opportunity to know our reality through the image . Perhaps it is the easiest and most immediate way to know Sant'Antimo

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